cropped-dscn1976_small.jpgHi, I’m Charlotte!

I am in the final throes of a PhD in arid ecology at UNSW in Sydney, Australia, supervised by Associate Professor Mike Letnic. I’m interested in plant-animal interactions, granivory, herbivory, landscape processes, trophic cascades and large-scale experimental manipulations.

My PhD fieldwork takes me out to the Australian desert for three months of the year, which keeps me going when I head back to the desk in the city. I love fieldwork , whether in the desert or the forest, and get a kick out of the discovery of the natural world.

This website is to share my adventures and achievements, and to provide information about finding opportunities in ecology – something I’m often asked about.

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Email: charlotte.mills (at) unsw.edu.au

Twitter: @ecologistmills

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