Research Projects

My main project at the moment is the one at the centre of my PhD:

Is vegetation change a legacy of native mammal decline?

This project uses manipulative experiments at a landscape scale to determine the role of rare native mammals such as hopping mice and burrowing bettongs as herbivores and granivores. This includes foraging tray experiments inside and outside of fenced reserves (see resulting publications here) and exclusion experiments (pictured above) in areas where these rare animals persist.

I hope that my findings from this research will help us identify the drivers of vegetation change in arid Australia and provide a better understanding of the role these animals play or once played in our ecosystem.

Exclusion fences

Other projects I am involved in:

How does the dingo influence biodiversity?

I am involved in regular biodiversity monitoring trips to the Strzelecki Desert, for research led by Mike Letnic. This includes vegetation surveys, pitfall and Elliot trapping, invertebrate surveys, large mammal surveys, exclusion experiments and remote sensing including use of a drone.

Does dingo control intensify macropod impacts on vegetation in NSW forests?

My honours thesis used exclusion fencing in forests on the mid-north coast of NSW to assess the impacts of dingo control on macropod herbivory.

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