My research has relied heavily on the muscle and brains of volunteers – and I am eternally grateful for having so many wonderful people join me on fieldtrips. As I meet so many volunteers, I am often asked for suggestions on how people can find more opportunities. Whether you’re a new grad looking to hone your skills or a 9-5er looking for some annual leave adventure, you should be able to find something within the following suggestions. Please note that these suggestions usually feature research focused volunteering opportunities and therefore usually require hard work and a chunk of time.

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I post specific opportunities as they arise in updates.


Facebook pages/groups:

BEES Volunteers (Sydney based but advertise opportunities everywhere)

Australian Mammal Society


Enviro Volunteers Australia (EVA)

Deakin University Ecology Volunteer Register (Melbourne)

UTS Environmental Internships and Volunteers (Sydney based)

RatCatchers – Sydney Uni Desert Ecology Research Group (Sydney based)

SOLES Volunteers (Sydney)

Western WEB Volunteer Experience (Western Australia)

UTas Biology Volunteers (Tasmania)

iROOS  (Queensland)



The Australian Wildlife Conservancy have an active volunteer list and many very special opportunities. See current opportunities and register for the mailing list here. They also offer competitive internships. Find them on Facebook here.

Arid Recovery do great things for conservation of our native species. They often look for volunteers and run an internship program. You can sign up to their newsletter on their website but I also recommend following them on Facebook so you don’t miss a thing!

Bush Heritage have a very popular volunteer program too, with all kinds of opportunities available. Check here for availability and sign up, and find them on Facebook here.

The Society for Conservation Biology is an international group which is well worth getting involved in. They have chapters in Sydney, Brisbane, Wellington and beyond.


Work Opportunities:

The all-encompassing ecolog-l list



NZ Conservation Jobs


Grants, Scholarships, Fellowships:

Liz Martin’s list of scholarships for women, indigenous people and LGBT+ people


And of course there’s always the old-fashioned method of finding people who are doing interesting things and asking them if they have any opportunities going. Good luck!

If you think something is missing from this list, please, get in touch.